Resolutions – would you be surprised to learn that we have been making them for thousands of years?

According to, the ancient Babylonians were among the first to celebrate the turning of the New Year and with that came promises to repay debts and return borrowed items, the precursor to modern day resolutions. Our holiday discussion with celebrity mindset coach, Laura St. John, of Strong Confident Living wouldn’t be complete without tackling the topic of New Year’s Resolutions. We are grateful for her insights and thrilled to share more information about her free workshop on New Year’s Eve Day that will help you set you Dream Bigger in 2023.

Will you make any resolutions this year? How do they fit into developing a vision for the year ahead?

Yes! Absolutely make resolutions, but approach how you make them differently!!!!
I suggest making both measurable and immeasurable goals. For example, a goal you can measure would be something like reaching a specific like a job title or an ideal healthy weight. Make it a big goal, not something that is typically done in 10 days or a month. Stretch it so it feels a little scary so your brain is actually like “but how is this going to happen?” That’s when you know you’re on track! These kinds of goals give your brain a specific target to work toward: a future day you can celebrate! I call these “flagpole” moments because they are a moment in time.
Then make immeasurable goals that align to those measurable goals. This is the most important part! For example, ask yourself what kind of person do you need to be like in order to attain and keep your goals sustainable? What kind of habits will support the kind of version of you that lives a life with that goal achieved? For example, if it’s the job title, do you need to be more accountable, hold a positive outlook, or contribute as a team player? If it’s a weight loss goal, what kind of person would you be if you already achieved that ideal weight? Is it consistent exercise and healthy eating? Then don’t over do it and be so hard on yourself. Get on track as if you’re already there. Adopt not only the physical habits, but the mental and emotional habits that support this version of you. That’s where a complete mindset shift is necessary, because you will adjust how you think and feel about yourself before you achieve the goal.
The best news is when you get to the measurable goal, you will be even more happy and fulfilled, plus you’ll have adopted the habits that support the goal. Most people do not do this, and then wonder why once they reach their goal they lose the money or gain the weight back. That is why understanding the framework is so necessary for real life change. Resolutions are not quick fixes. They are about setting a new trajectory for yourself and sticking to it!

Are you ready to think bigger and align it to a vision?

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