Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly (CPF) program presents an opportunity to showcase sustainable products to conscious consumers, increasing the chances that they will be viewed by customers. If your product already holds one of the certifications included in the program, it should proudly display the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge on their platform. However, if your sustainable products are yet to be recognized as Certified Pledge Friendly on Amazon’s website, fear not! There are effective strategies you can employ to earn this icon and enhance the visibility and appeal of your eco-conscious offerings.

What are the benefits of the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge?

The CPF badge indicates that the product is certified according to the guidelines of an independent third party certification system. Sustainable certifications validate a product’s sustainable attributes so consumers can identify which items fit their needs and align with their values. 

The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge doesn’t require fees or an application—Amazon matches a products ASIN with the data that they receive from the certification organizations that are included in the program.

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How do I get it?

The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge is for individual products, not brands. If your business has a certification, make sure that each unique product on Amazon is identified as having that certification by the certifying organization. Additionally, the whole product must be certified in order to earn the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge, not just the packaging or an individual component of the product. If your company has obtained a sustainability certification for the product, you need to confirm that the complete, individual Climate Pledge Friendly product is certified.

If you don’t have any certifications for you product, Softly can help. We make it simple to identify the best certifications for your business strategy in order to maximize the advantages of certification.

Advantages of the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Advantages

Consumer Trust

The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge plays a vital role in bolstering consumer trust in the products it adorns. With growing environmental awareness, customers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly options they can trust. When a product bears this moniker, it signifies that Amazon has rigorously assessed the certification credentials, assuring consumers that it aligns with the company’s commitment to combat climate change. The badge serves as a clear and credible marker, instilling confidence in shoppers that they are making responsible choices. As a result, the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge becomes a symbol of reliability and authenticity, fostering stronger connections between conscious consumers and brands, and ultimately leading to increased trust in the Climate Pledge Friendly products.


In addition to bolstering consumer trust, the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge also offers significant revenue opportunities for sellers. By displaying the badge, certified products gain a competitive edge, as consumers increasingly prioritize eco-friendly options. The badge serves as a powerful visual signal, indicating that a product has sustainability advantages that have been verified by a certification organization that meets Amazon’s rigorous standards. This enhanced credibility often translates into higher perceived value, allowing sellers to command a price premium on their certified products. Customers are more willing to pay extra for items that align with their values and contribute to a greener and more socially just future. As a result, the badge can be a strategic tool for businesses to increase revenue while fostering positive environmental impact.

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Market Access

The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge can significantly enhance market access for products. Based on Amazon reports, products bearing the badge experience a notable advantage and receive 10% more clicks when compared to non-certified counterparts. By being part of this program, Climate Pledge Friendly products gain increased visibility and exposure on Amazon’s vast and influential platform. The badge acts as a powerful marketing tool, attracting environmentally conscious customers and guiding them towards eco-friendly choices. Moreover, Amazon actively promotes Climate Pledge Friendly products through dedicated search filters and special sections, further amplifying their reach. As a result, certified products can tap into a wider audience and target niche markets, ultimately expanding their market access and potential customer base. Embracing the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge opens doors to new opportunities and positions brands and products favorably in the competitive landscape.

The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly program helps to increase sales.
*based on information in Amazon’s 2022 Sustainability Report

Which Certification is best?

There are 52 certifications to choose from of the more than 450 sustainable certifications available. With so many options, it can be hard to determine which certifications fit your product best. Softly will help you find the right certification for your product so you can maximize the benefits on Amazon and other retail sites that have similar programs.

You can learn more by following Softly’s 7 Steps to Finding the Right Sustainability Certification for your Business

Do you have more questions about the appropriate certification for you? Schedule a 15 minute introductory meeting with Softly today. We simplify sustainability and make sure that you are getting the optimal certification for your products!

These are the certifications that get your Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly product noticed.

Does your product have a recognized certification?

Amazon currently recognizes 52 of the over 450 certifications available–up from 18 when it started in 2020. Adam Werberch, the global lead for sustainable shopping at Amazon, told that “Amazon chose certifications that were reputable, transparent, and focused on conserving the natural world.” These certifications include Energy Star, Fairtrade, Forest Stewardship Council, and Made Safe. Find a complete list here

Your product will not get the Climate Pledge Friendly badge unless it has one of these 52 certifications. Schedule a 15 minute call with Softly to learn more about the potential incentives available for these and other certifications. Funding from government programs may be available to help offset the cost of certification!

To learn more about these and other certifications, check out Softly’s YouTube channel for informational webinars on certifications such as Cradle to Cradle, EWG Certified, and Global Organic Textile Standard. 

Compact by Design

If you have a sustainability certification not recognized by Amazon but would like to showcase your product in Amazon’s CPF program, check out Amazon’s Compact by Design certification. Products with the Compact by Design certification require less packaging, making them more efficient to ship. The Compact by Design certification is free and if your packaging is efficient, you may already qualify. 

Products must be registered with the Amazon Brand Registry program, and have “best in class unit efficiency” according to Amazon’s unit efficiency thresholds and as calculated by Amazon’s unit efficiency tool.

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Still not getting Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Badge?

If your product qualifies for the program and the badge is not showing up alongside your Climate Pledge Friendly product, let Amazon know. Log in to your Seller Central or Vendor Central account to access the Contact Us page. You may also want to contact your certifying organization.


Once you have a CPF certification, getting the Climate Pledge Friendly badge displayed on your Amazon product page is automatic. If a glitch occurs in the system and your product is not showing the Climate Pledge Friendly badge, contact Amazon to remedy the problem. Once your Climate Pledge Friendly product is labeled correctly, consumers can see how your product reaches sustainability goals and you can reap the rewards of your sustainability efforts.

Softly is here to help you increase revenue and improve your access to markets by optimizing your sustainability certification strategy. Click here to learn more about how our solutions can simplify sustainability for your brand and help you get the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly badge!

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