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  • Green marketing laws and guidelines are rapidly changing on the state, federal and international levels.
  • Approximately 50% of sustainability product claims are not compliant with new greenwashing regulations.*
  • Green claim lawsuits are skyrocketing, up more than 300% in the past year alone.**

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Barry Cik

CEO and Technical Director, Naturepedic

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Tolerance Drops for Net Zero Claims

Tolerance Drops for Net Zero Claims

Companies use the net zero claim to show they are committed to cutting and removing carbon emissions to curb future global warming. Unfortunately, without efforts backed by science-based evidence and setting and meeting short- and medium-term goals, net zero becomes merely an aspiration and is ripe for scrutiny by regulators and lawsuits.

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Navigating Tricky Marketing Terrain 

Navigating Tricky Marketing Terrain 

Current class action lawsuits have highlighted the need to refine the use of terms like “all-natural” to better inform consumers about a product’s environmental friendliness. Consequently, it is important to consider what happens when manufacturing processes alter natural ingredients into those that are not found in nature or when synthetic and harmful chemicals end up in a product despite the use of natural ingredients and processes.

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