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sustainability navigator pricing

With Softly, your journey towards sustainability is in capable hands. Our industry-leading solutions effectively manage and enhance your sustainability narrative, empowering you to confidently create a brighter future. Softly’s dedicated sustainability navigator pricing plan is designed with your unique needs in mind, ensuring that you have the support you require today and for years to come. Trust Softly to guide you toward a sustainable tomorrow.


"Softly saved us hours of research and analysis! All sustainability focused businesses should lean on their expertise!"

- Barry Cik, CEO and Technical Director, Naturepedic

Softly Solutions provides tools that help you manage and mitigate the risks associated with greenwashing. Our comprehensive resources enable you to effortlessly handle your sustainability narrative while ensuring compliance with green claims regulations. With our exclusive Sustainability Navigator Pricing plan, which can be tailored specifically to your unique requirements, Softly lets you stay ahead of the competition. Experience the unparalleled potential of Softly as we empower you to confidently communicate your sustainability story with unrivaled impact, significantly reducing the potential legal problems associated with green claims and enhancing your influence with conscientious consumers.

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