On Father’s Day I want to give a sustainable gift to the special Dads in my life. But on Father’s Day, and most other holidays, I struggle with the same question: what to get my relatives who really don’t need anything. This is particularly true when it comes to my parents. How can I give them something that conveys the appreciation and love that I feel, without saddling them and the planet with more stuff that they really don’t need? Softly scoured the internet for ideas on what to give for Father’s Day this year to find some really great planet-friendly options that your dad will love receiving, and you will feel good about giving.

“Life doesn’t come with an instruction book — that’s why we have fathers.”

H. Jackson Browne
Father and son having fun on Father's Day.

For Father’s Day, Give the Gift of Knowledge and Intellectual Challenge

Gift subscriptions to online streaming services for documentaries or other educational content can expand your dad’s horizons. The options for gifting streaming services have only increased over the past few years. Or, if he’s a traditionalist, opt for a thoughtfully selected book. We have excellent recommendations for both options to make this Father’s Day memorable.


Where else can you listen to more than 150 experts on topics from cooking, writing, sports, photography, business, and leadership for $15 per month? Help your dad expand his knowledge with an affordable subscription and he can immerse himself in a wealth of expertise.

Curiosity Stream

Focused exclusively on documentaries, this is a streaming service for the history, science, or technology-focused dad. Gift subscriptions start at $11.99 for the year making it an affordable option as well!


Booksio is a charitably-driven bookstore that gives 10% of every book purchase to a charity you choose. This Father’s Day embrace the joy of giving, as knowledge and stories bring happiness not just to your father, but also to those in need.

Give Booksio this Father's Day


A subscription to Chess.com can help your dad take his game to the next level. With features like game reviews, computer opponents, and lessons he can have fun exploring the game all year long.

Language Lessons for Dad on Father’s Day

Does your dad dream of traveling abroad and conversing with the locals? Is he interested in developing language skills to explore his heritage? Learning a language online or through an app has never been easier! Empower him to fulfill his language goals with accessible and engaging resources that will make his journey to fluency a reality.


Want a fun way to explore languages and develop fluency? LingoPie is a video-based program that helps achieve fluency through television programming. You can learn a language together with a friends and family subscription that starts at $99 per year!


Give the gift of one language or as many as 14! An app-based language program that provides quick lessons and conversation skills, this is a gift that will get them proficient quickly starting at $59 for a 6-month subscription.

Give Adventure and Exploration this Father’s Day

If your dad has a passion for exploring new horizons, why not surprise him with a gift that aligns perfectly with his adventurous spirit and values? Instead of traditional presents this Father’s Day, consider offering him an experience or a tool that will fuel his desire for adventure and keeping the earth green.

Give Stories not Stuff this Father's Day


Tinggly is committed to changing the culture of gifting by promoting “giving stories, not stuff.”  For example, you can give your dad a once in a lifetime gift like a helicopter flight or an exotic car driving experience. Tinggly offsets the carbon impact of every experience by 200% through the United Nations Offset Program. Additionally, they work with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees for every gift sold.  With Tinggly your giving is multiplied.

Tenways Bikes

Encourage your dad to embrace a more active and eco-friendly way of commuting and exploring with a Tenways eBike. These electric bicycles provide a thrilling and effortless ride, allowing him to effortlessly navigate through city streets or venture into the great outdoors.

Give your Dad the Tools and Tech He Needs this Father’s Day

Give Refurbished Tools and Technology this Father's Day


If your dad has been eyeing those top-notch power tools or the latest technology gadgets, eBay is the perfect platform to find them. Surprise him with the tools he needs to tackle his DIY projects or the cutting-edge devices he’s been dreaming about. It’s not just a thoughtful gift but also a sustainable one, as you’re giving items a second life. Check out eBay refurbished gifts for Dad and save up to 70% off plus they come with a warranty!

Any day of the year the most valuable thing you can give your dad is time spent together. Whether it is traveling, hiking outdoors, or maybe even working on a household or garden project together, the best gifts are often the ones that cannot be bought.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Father’s Day!

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