by Jennifer Suri

Want to give your mom the best gift for Mothers Day? Give her a purpose driven gift that shows her how much you love her and Mother Earth.

My mom always made us feel special and never let anything go to waste. One year our family received a gift of a hanging wooden dog house with a dog for each person in the family. The idea was that when someone did something bad, they went into the “dog house”. As a positive person, that did not sit well with my mom. She painted a star on the dog house so when someone did something good, they made it into the “star house”. I loved the way that she repurposed this gift into something positive for our family. Part of the Silent Generation, she was frugal and reused what she could.

Reusing and repurposing are back and GenZ is shopping with purpose. Purpose-driven products are driven by values and strive to solve a problem.  A poll conducted in November 2022 by Softly found that purpose driven are just what people are looking for when they give gifts.  Eighty seven percent of the respondents of mostly GenZers wanted purpose-driven over trendy gifts. A great gift that is also sustainable is the best gift for Mothers Day.

“Gift recipients want products with impact. We heard loud and clear that trendy gifts are simply not valued as much.”

Mollie Hughes, ceo, softly

Softly wants to help consumers find the best gift for Mothers Day that also match their values.  This Mother’s Day, give your mom a purpose-driven gift that tells her “You’re a star.”  

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Pamper Her With…

Mom Bombs

Help your mom relax with Mom Bomb bath bombs and let her know that she is helping other moms too. Mom Bombs donates 100% of the profits to families in need. Founder and Chief Volunteer Heather Roberts is a mom-preneur and Softly Superhero who puts families first. Use coupon code “Softly” for an additional 10% off your purchase, like this classic Mom Bomb classic gift box.

Mom Bomb Values: As you can see from the name, Mom Bombs is all about moms. They help sustain and support families by  helping them relax on a daily basis with their products and sistering with another non-profit to provide services for families in crisis.  Mom Bombs has a vision that is in sync with Softly’s—making sure what you buy is in line with your values.

Let Softly help you find products that align with your personal values! We base our recommendations on 3rd party verification through sustainability certifications, not unverified label claims.

Read more about Mom Bombs and Heather Robert’s take on women in business in Softly’s Superhero interview.

My superpower to make the world a more sustainable place would be to find a way to ensure that the places we spend our money truly embody our values.

Heather Roberts, Founder of Mom Bombs

Best Mothers Day Gift

LoveGoodly has curated boxes with vegan, nontoxic and cruelty-free beauty and skincare products that your mom can use every day. Keep the giving going all year by giving her a subscription and she’ll get a LOVE GOODLY box every two months. Check out this Essentials Box which has a mix of skincare, wellness, and lifestyle items.

LoveGoodly Values: LoveGoodly’s products are cruelty free and go beyond FDA regulations by banning harmful ingredients. They use resources provided by EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics database, the Pesticide Action Network and the Non GMO Project to follow a BANNED LIST of ingredients never found in their products. LoveGoodly also values making a difference by giving a portion of proceeds to various causes, like the Farm Sanctuary Uncle Neil’s Home

Read more about clean cosmetics in Softly’s How to Ditch the Dirt in Cosmetics and Find Clean Beauty and The ‘Not So Pretty’ Truth.

Give her a Story: Tinggly

If your mom has everything, including an adventurous spirit, give her a gift that will give her memories, not more stuff.  Tinggly offers experiential and getaway gifts; you choose the package and then narrow it down by type of experience, number of participants and location. Get her that zip-line adventure that’s on her bucket list or a relaxing getaway that she deserves.

Tinggly Values: Tinggly is committed to changing the culture of gifting by promoting “giving stories, not stuff.”  Their packaging (already limited because you’re not buying “stuff”) is eco-friendly. Tinggly also offsets the carbon impact of every experience by 200% through the United Nations Offset Program. Additionally, they work with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees for every gift sold.  

Read more about return and gifting culture in Softly’s Reverse Return Culture: How to Get What You Want and Keep It!

best mothers day gift

Give her Style: AllBirds

AllBirds makes comfortable, sustainable shoes, socks and other apparel. If your mom is on her feet a lot, you can give her a pair of comfortable shoes that she can wash in the washing machine. If you don’t know your mom’s size, try on an AllBirds gift card.

AllBirds Values: AllBirds is “striving for nothing”. They have reduced their carbon footprint by 19% since 2021 and are working towards a goal of a zero carbon footprint by 2030. 

Read more about textile recycling in Softly’s Give your Clothes a Second Act! How to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Clothing, Fabric and Textiles

best mothers day gift

Organic Wine Exchange

A Perfect Pairing: Organic Wine Exchange

If your mom likes the finer things in life, get her a wine sampler from Organic Wine Exchange and she can enjoy a variety of organic wines for special occasions or all year.

Organic Wine Exchange Values: The Organic Wine Exchange is “an informational website and sales hub for all things related to organic and biodynamic wines.” Learn about and buy wines that are made with organic grapes and farmed with biodynamic practices.   

Read more about organic and biodynamic wines and packaging in Softly’s What’s in Your Wine Glass? Transparency in the Wine Industry

Help Out in the Kitchen: Food Huggers

Is your mom great in the kitchen? Give her something that helps keep food fresh in the fridge and out of the landfills. Food Huggers reusable wraps keep food fresher and reduces plastic wrap waste. This is important because 96% of wasted food ends up in landfills, becoming a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The average American family throws away more than $1500 a year in wasted food, making it the largest part of our landfills.

Food Huggers Values: Food Huggers reduce food waste at home and replace single use plastics with high quality reusable alternatives.

Read more about reducing food waste in Softly’s How to Stop Your Food Waste: Upcycle to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Think Outside the Bouquet


A carefully selected plant can bring garden beauty to your mom’s home all year long, unlike a bouquet of flowers that only lasts for a short time. Invest in a plant and give your mom the gift of long-lasting natural beauty. The best gift for Mothers Day is one that continues to give year round.

LivelyRoot Values: LivelyRoot has a simple purpose: “We believe a strong relationship with plants will lead to greener and more sustainable lifestyles.” Healthy plants equal healthy people.

Best Mothers Day Gift


Eartheasy has gifts for the gardener and anyone who wants to live more simply and sustainably. Instead of giving your mom a dozen roses, send her a native potted rose that she can enjoy time and again. Or give her seeds to grow a butterfly garden. 

Eartheasy Values: eartheasy is carbon balanced through TerraPass for verified, measurable reduction of carbon emissions. Additionally they partner with the EPA to promote water conservation and efficiency through the EPA WaterSense program. With every purchase you make, eartheasy partners with Trees for the Future Foundation to plant a tree. 

For more sustainable gardening ideas, check out our interview with Softly Superhero and Master Gardener Toni Farmer.  

There are so many ways to show your mom that you love her. Why not make it a sustainable gift that will help mother earth too? That may be the best gift for Mothers Day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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