By Jennifer Suri

Want to get organized this year? Start with a list!

This list of 12 organization ideas should help you begin. Try incorporating one habit per month to make 2023 the year of organization.

Organize Your Home

Reduce clutter to make life easier. A few simple tricks can help your home become more orderly and create more space in your home to make a more relaxing environment.

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1. Organize Your Refrigerator

Organize your condiments and staple items on a simple refrigerator turntable like this one from iDesign. With one turn you can see what’s at the back. And get more shelf space by storing yogurts on the side with this Made in the USA yogurt organizer. from Storage Theory.

2. Organize Your Linen Closet

An easy way to keep sheets organized is to fold the sheets and use the pillow case as a storage bag. Easily store and find each set of sheets.

3. Wrap Up Your Makeup Brushes

Keep your makeup brushes all in one place and out of the way by rolling them up in a sushi mat. Look for ribbon and buttons around the house that can be reused for this project.

4. Don’t Stuff It – Use Compression Bags

Reduce clutter and gain space by putting out-of-season clothes in compression bags.

Organize Your Office

More and more people are working from home. If you’re one of the many, increase your productivity with these ideas for your home office.

5. Go Paper Free

Organize your handwritten notes on your laptop or tablet by using this reusable notebook from Rocketbook.

6. Find A System

Do colors inspire you? Use a color coded system to help you clear clutter from your desk and file tray. In this filing system each color represents a different category to help you find things quickly.
Are you a list person? Check out the bullet system of journaling to organize your thoughts and actions.
The key is to find the system that works for you!

7. Use What You Have

Organization doesn’t always mean a trip to the store or another delivery. Even cereal boxes can be transformed into all sorts of organizers—from magazine holders and file folders to desk supply containers. Here are some tips from Megan at the homes I have made.

Organize Your Time – Using Technology

Your phone is always nearby. Use it to help you create systems by downloading productivity apps and browser extensions.

8. Digital Bulletin Board

Trello can help you move a project through completion. Works like a digital bulletin board. Invite members to help you finish the job.

9. Notes Organization

Organize your notes, lists and schedules by putting them all in one place with Evernote.

10. Passwords

Always forgetting your passwords? Tired of having to create a new one? Keep all your passwords up to date and in one place with an app like Lastpass.

11. Documents

Turn your phone into a scanner and keep copies of important documents with you at all times or scan to share a copy with others using CamScanner.

12. Sustainability

Download Softly to easily get products that are in line with your values. Softly finds products that are certified in different categories so you don’t have to do the research. Use Softly’s attribute list to organize your values for product qualities like sustainability, allergen free ingredients, or country of origin.
You don’t have to change your whole life to get organized. Use what works for you to make life easier. Free up space and time for the things you love to do. Who knows–being organized might become one of them!

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