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How we find swaps

We have spoken with hundreds of online shoppers and have come to realize that everybody has a different idea of what sustainability means and which aspects are most important. We are each a different shade of green.
This is why we recommend product SWAPS that align with what is specifically important to you.  Our recommendations are highly personalized, and your value preferences are easily modified based on the product you are looking to purchase.
You can rest assured that our product recommendations are trustworthy. We have over 50,000 sustainable products in our database with 3rd party verified ecolabels or sustainability certifications.  We then match the good things businesses are doing with your value preferences.

Trail to Transparency

With numerous tools to increase product and business exposure, Softly makes it easy for everyone to contribute to a better tomorrow. Nominate your brand for our Softly Trail To Transparency. We will highlight the efforts and achievements of those working to move the industry in a more transparent, sustainable and circular direction. Your efforts will also be shared with consumers through our Sustainable SWAPS! and Personal Sustainable Shopping Assistant.

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