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Wayfair’s Shop Sustainably program presents an opportunity to showcase sustainable home goods products to eco-conscious consumers, increasing the chances that they will be viewed by customers. This initiative significantly enhances the visibility of these products, thereby boosting the likelihood of attracting customer attention. Products that already possess any certifications featured within the program are automatically eligible for inclusion in the Shop Sustainably filter. This filter serves as a convenient way for customers to specifically browse through eco-friendly options. Furthermore, the pertinent certification will be prominently displayed in the product’s specifications, reinforcing the product’s sustainable attributes and assisting customers in making informed choices.

Wayfair and ESG

Founded in 2002 by longtime friends Niraj Shah and Steve Conine, Wayfair is one of the largest names in online home goods. Along with becoming the most popular online shop in the US, Wayfair has been helping communities and the environment. Through its Corporate Responsibility Program, Wayfair has focused on inclusivity, community, and the environment. The company supports traditionally underrepresented suppliers with its newest program, Celebrate Black Makers, featuring products from black-owned businesses. Wayfair also partners with organizations like Habitat for Humanity to support communities. 

The Advantages of Working with Wayfair

According to founder Niraj Shah, “The reason to be a supplier on Wayfair is really simple: if you focus on home we’re the retailer that focuses on home. We’re the platform.” Wayfair has over 30 million active customers with over 100 million site visits yearly. Wayfair’s high repeat rate of 76% means people keep coming back to buy products. Businesses working with Wayfair get the advantage of getting personalized tools, services, financial investment, and coaching from industry experts. Wayfair also helps businesses grow and develop. They welcome all suppliers–no matter how big or small. In addition, Wayfair doesn’t charge or take a cut from their suppliers’ sales. You can learn more about selling with Wayfair here.

The Benefits of Wayfair’s Shop Sustainably Program

Wayfair’s Shop Sustainably program indicates that certified products follow the guidelines of an independent third party. Wayfair currently recognizes over 15,000 third-party certified products. Certifications provide information and transparency about sustainable products so consumers can make purchasing decisions that fit their needs and align with their values. Both homeowners and business professionals are looking for sustainable home products and the recognized certifications from Wayfair appeal to both types of customers.

Anna Vinogradova, Wayfair’s Head of Global Sustainability and ESG notes that Wayfair’s program empowers customers “to make sustainable choices when they shop with us. By curating a selection of products with sustainable certificates, we make it easier for customers to identify and purchase environmentally and socially friendly products.” 

Wayfair’s Shop Sustainably Program Filter

Consumers are looking for easy ways to find sustainable products. According to a 2022 survey by Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights of 1,107 shoppers, twenty-five percent of the customer base likes to use a filter to find products that align with their values. Wayfair uses just such a filter.

Wayfair’s Shop Sustainably filter allows customers to view products that have been certified for lower environmental impacts, responsible sourcing, air quality, and more. Filter options help customers find exactly what they are looking for. These options, among others, include cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and recycled content.

How Customers Find Sustainable Products on Wayfair

Customers can shop sustainably in two ways on Wayfair. They can shop exclusively for all sustainable products across categories or easily browse specific sustainable home goods products using Wayfair’s filter.

  1. To browse all sustainable products customers scroll down on the home page to the What We’re Doing to Make an Impact section and click on the Shop Sustainably icon. Once they’re on the Shop Sustainably page they can click on the shop sustainably button or learn more about the sustainability filter options or the certifications
  2. Customers can also use the Shop Sustainably filter for each particular product (desks, coffee tables, comforters, etc.). The filter allows customers to search for eco-friendly products using sustainability categories. On the left side of the page, they can scroll down to “show more filters”. The Shop Sustainably filter is displayed near the bottom. Customers can then choose from categories that align with their values such as organic content, nontoxic, or sustainable wood.   

Once your product has one of Wayfair’s recognized certifications, customers can easily find a description of that certification in the product’s specifications.

How to Join Wayfair’s Shop Sustainably Program

Get one of Wayfair’s recognized certifications and your product is automatically included in the sustainability program. According to Digitalcommerce360, “Wayfair works with its suppliers for them to note when products have the certification so it can add that tag on its backend.” Wayfair’s Sustainability Program does not require any fees or applications. Additionally, all suppliers must follow Wayfair’s code of conduct, which includes following ethical and socially responsible business practices. If you have a recognized sustainable certification and your product is not showing up using Wayfair’s sustainability filter, contact your certifying organization.

Does your product have a recognized certification?

Wayfair currently recognizes over 50 of the over 450 certifications available. These certifications include those specific to furniture and building products like LEVEL® BY BIFMA, FloorScore®, Green Squared®, and MAS Certified Green® as well as more universal certifications such as Cradle to Cradle, Fairtrade and GOTS.  Find a complete list here.

With so many options, it can be hard to determine which certifications fit your product best. Softly will help you find the right certification for your product so you can maximize the benefits on Wayfair and other retail sites that have similar programs.

You can learn more by following Softly’s 7 Steps to Finding the Right Sustainability Certification for your Business. For more information about some of the certifications recognized by Wayfair, check out Softly’s YouTube channel for informational webinars on certifications like Cradle to Cradle and Global Organic Textile Standard

Do you have more questions about the appropriate certification for you? Schedule a free consultation with Softly today. We simplify sustainability and make sure that you are getting the optimal certification for your products!


Once you have a Wayfair Sustainability certification, eco-conscious customers can find your product using Wayfair’s Sustainability filter. The certification will automatically be displayed under your product’s specifications. Consumers can then see how your product reaches sustainability goals and you can reap the rewards of your sustainability efforts.

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