Choose sustainable graduation gifts that your favorite grad will love

When it comes to choosing a gift for your graduate, cash is always a safe bet. However, with younger generations increasingly concerned about sustainability, why not give them a gift that aligns with their values? Sustainable graduation gifts not only show your support for their aspirations but also empower them to be the change they want to see. In this blog post, we’ll explore a range of sustainable gift ideas that will make your graduate truly happy, from larger options to smaller, yet meaningful, tokens of appreciation.

“You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.”

Tom Brokaw
sustainable graduation gifts

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#1 Credit Card: A Gift that Keeps Giving

Follow this tips and a credit card can make a great sustainable graduation gift

A credit card may not seem like a typical gift, but it can provide your graduate with a valuable opportunity to start building credit and learn money management skills. Forbes Advisor offers some ideas for choosing a suitable credit card, while CNBC provides useful tips such as checking credit scores and leveraging tools like Experian Boost to enhance their creditworthiness. Emphasize the importance of paying off the balance every month to avoid unnecessary debt. With a little guidance, credit cards can make great sustainable graduation gifts.

#2 An Amazon Prime Student Membership

As your graduate embarks on their independent journey, they will undoubtedly need to make sustainable purchases. An Amazon Prime student membership can provide them with free shipping, access to streaming services like video and music, discounts on Showtime, and savings on textbooks. The first 6 months is free and after that you pay only $7.50 a month. Moreover, by downloading Softly, they can easily discover sustainable products within the vast Amazon marketplace.

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#3 A Tinggly Experience: Give Stories not Stuff

Tinggly Gap Year Experience: One of Softly's Sustainable Graduation Gifts

Why not get them a sustainable experience to start filling their bucket list? Tinggly has planet-friendly experience and getaway gifts at different price points. They even have a gap year package—offering experiences from New York to California and around the world. Tinggly is committed to changing the culture of gifting by promoting “giving stories, not stuff.”  Their packaging (already limited because you’re not buying “stuff”) is eco-friendly. Tinggly also offsets the carbon impact of every experience by 200% through the United Nations Offset Program. Additionally, they work with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees for every gift sold.  When it comes to sustainable graduation gifts, Tinggly offers unique experiences.

#4 Acer Chromebook 512 Laptop

Without a doubt, a computer has become a requirement for both the student and professional. For the graduate that is dialed in, the Acer Chromebook 512 may be the machine for them. The perfect multi-media companion, this device is super thin, extra light and delivers unmatched value in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. It is TCO certified for lower environmental and social impact, safer chemicals, and circular design. By opting for this eco-friendly laptop, you not only provide a valuable tool but also contribute to sustainability efforts.

Acer chromebook laptop: One of Softly's sustainable graduation gifts

#5 Bagasin Laptop Sleeve Case

TSA-friendly laptop case: One of Softly's  sustainable graduation gifts

Complementing the Acer Chromebook 512, a sustainable laptop sleeve case is a thoughtful gift to protect their new device. The Bagasin Laptop Sleeve Case, certified as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, ensures that harmful chemicals are not present. Its TSA-friendly design allows for easy transportation and can fit inside a backpack. This stylish and sustainable accessory adds practicality and eco-consciousness to your graduate’s daily life, making it one of Softly’s great sustainable graduation gifts.

#6 iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Encourage your graduate to keep their devices in good working condition with the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. This electronics tool kit is specifically designed for computer, smartphone, tablet, and gaming repair.
It is Carbonfree Certified to determine the carbon footprint of the product. Associated carbon emissions are offset with reduction projects.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit: One of Softly's  sustainable graduation gifts

#7 PARAVEL Mini Fold-Up Travel Backpack

This versatile mini backpack prepares you for everything from an afternoon in the park to a travel adventure. What sets it apart is its environmentally conscious construction. Crafted from ten recyclable bottles, it also holds certifications from both the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the Global Recycled Standard. This makes it one of our ideal sustainable graduation gifts, combining style and sustainability in one package.

#8 Rumpl Outdoor Camping Blanket

Indulge your graduate with the gift of warmth and comfort wherever they go with this exceptional lightweight blanket. Each blanket allows your graduate to bring the beauty of the national parks wherever they wander.

Furthermore, this blanket is a product of Rumpl, a notable Certified B Corp company. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, Rumpl sources materials that prioritize sustainability. Choosing this blanket as a graduation gift supports a company dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet.

National Park Outdoor Camping Blanket: One of Softly's  sustainable graduation gifts

#9 Bedsure Wearable Blanket Hoodie

Bedsure Wearable Blanket Hoodie: One of Softly's  sustainable graduation gifts

Why not give your graduate the gift of ultimate relaxation? With this sherpa fleece blanket hoodie, they can wrap themselves in comfort, recharge their energy, and embrace a well-deserved break before embarking on their next journey. Designed to envelop them from head to foot, it provides an all-encompassing cozy experience. Crafted from Oeko-Tex certified fleece, you can be assured that it meets rigorous standards for safety and sustainability. Whether they’re lounging at home, camping under the stars, or traveling to new destinations, they can simply slip into this cozy hoodie and instantly feel a sense of relaxation and warmth.

#10 And Finally, Chocolate

Give your graduate the gift of a chocolate experience that not only delights their taste buds but also makes a positive impact. With the Theo Chocolate Vanilla Cocoa Nib Organic Dark Chocolate Bar, you can demonstrate your thoughtfulness and commitment to sustainability in one delicious package.

With its rich flavor of organic dark chocolate this bar offers a memorable and guilt-free indulgence. Whether your graduate enjoys it as a sweet reward for their achievements or shares it with loved ones to celebrate, they can savor each bite knowing they’re enjoying a sustainable treat.

Theo Chocolate Vanilla Cocoa Nib Organic Dark Chocolate Bar: One of Softly's  sustainable graduation gifts

Send your graduate out into the world with a sustainable gift to help them change the world and be the change they want to see.

Happy Graduation!

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